Pure Sole

Hoof Mud for Horses

$42 USD

Completely natural, gentle and most importantly effective, Pure Sole Hoof Mud tackles hoof infections with ease!

Made with a combination of herbs, oils, and apple cider vinegar, it's perfect for treating thrush, white line, seedy toe, heel infections, cracks and wall separation, or simply for maintaining a healthy frog and sole. It can even be used as cushioning for horses with sore soles.

Easy to use, this mud can be applied with your hand or a plastic knife and will not sting or stain your skin. Use daily for infection treatment, weekly for prevention, or even apply under your horse's shoe pads for weeks of therapeutic benefits. From the occasional hoof ailment, to the horses with chronic issues, Hoof Mud may just become a staple around the barn!

Key Features:

  • Natural Treatment for Hoof Infections
  • Made with Herbs, Oils, and Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Ideal for Thrush, White Line, Cracks, and Other Hoof Issues
  • Provides Cushion for Sore Soles
  • Maintains Frog and Sole Health
  • Can Be Used Under Hoof Pads 
  • Easy to Apply with Hands or Plastic Knife
  • Will Not Sting or Stain
  • Herbal Scent

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