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It's time to take care of the one

that takes care of you.

Our pets are a constant source of love, affection, strength, gratitude and comfort. They are our best friends, protectors, guides, confidants and social directors. They have the unique ability to show us how to live in the moment and enjoy life.

With all these amazing attributes, you want the best for your animals. Only the best is what our family at Deer Valley Danes has to offer your pets.

Let our family be the source of pet food as nature intended it to be for your family’s precious companions.

While you will see us at conformation shows in the Great Dane and Basset Hound ring, we are also adopters and supporters of canine culture regardless of breed. We attend events including rescue, agility, obedience, rally, Barn Hunt, meet and greets and various canine activities. Our Deer Valley Danes family is involved in rescue efforts, fostering and promoting forever homes for pets in need.

We are committed to improving the life of your pets through nutritious quality foods and treats that are healthy, delicious and appropriate for your pets. We take tremendous pride in supplying our customers with USA made raw, freeze dried and dehydrated meals and Home Prepared treats for your pets. The benefits of serving your dogs and cats a raw based diet include but are not limited to digestive health, healthy skin and coat and improved dental health.

Because we understand that serving Raw Food to your domesticated pet may be something new in your household, we have prepared a brief guide – Oma’s Pride Daily Feeding Suggestions for Dogs – designed to assist you with suggested menus, portion size and helpful information that best suit your pets.


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Here our just a few kind comments from our customers

  • Deer Valley Danes is prompt with shipping, clear with arrival dates and very active in keeping the customer updated... They have been terrific and we use them for all our dog needs.
    Lisa Gail MalseedMarch 2016
  • This is one of the BEST wound ointments I've used on my horses. I mix it with Equiderma's Zinc Oxide for Pasturn Dermatitis cream to treat a tumor and it works great!
    Lorie HowellJanuary 2016
  • Super fast and well packaged. I was surprised and delighted to find some awesome gourmet horse cookies included with the order!!!!! Will definitely order again....
    Diamond65November 2015




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