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Distributor for Natural and Alternative Care Products for Pets

Sourcing of raw material plays a central role in creating a diet that is appropriate, healthy and balanced for your pet. We are proud distributors for Oma’s Pride (a small family owned business in Avon, Connecticut). We find that Oma’s Pride provides one of the most comprehensive, complete, customized diets for your pet. They offer a variety of proteins from basic chicken, turkey, lamb or beef to exotics like kangaroo, quail and elk. Oma’s Pride never uses fillers, additives, sugars or preservatives.

Through Oma’s Pride products, we provide customers with diet recommendations specific to their needs. In addition to raw meals, we offer whole marrow bones, whole necks and backs, quality supplements, freeze dried meals and treats as well as a variety of chews for pets of all sizes.

Raw diets are proven to promote health and wellness in pets. Raw fed pets produce less stool and tend to have fewer digestive problems. Fresh whole foods are naturally hydrating and provide plenty of digestive enzymes for a healthy gut. Chewing raw bone assist in keeping teeth and gums healthy and strong.

Raw diets are only part of pet health and wellness. To compliment a healthy diet, we now offer quality organic alternative care products for pets. Once again, sourcing is the main consideration when finding alternative care products. After much research, we now carry Source Hemp Products and Green Earth Hemp products. We offer a variety of strengths and forms such as tinctures, salves, treats, lotions and teas.

In addition to Oma’s Pride raw food, Source CBD and Green Earth Hemp, we carry the complete Coco Therapy supplement line, the Dr. Harvey Skin Care Line, O’Paws supplements and treats, Posture Prep Myo Fascial Release Grooming Tools, Strip Hair Gentle Groomer, Soggy Doggy Mats and Shammies.

As our equine business is expanding, we now offer Source CBD tincture for horses, Centerline Distribution’s Stress Less Calming Therapy for horses, Stubben Leiderseife and Hamanol products and Outback Leather Seal.

We are always researching new and exciting products to help our customers take the guess work out of finding the best food and care products for their pets. Deer Valley Danes offers only the finest products on the market. If it’s not in our product line, but you think it should be – let us know! We are proud supporters of small family owned businesses and those businesses who promote the health and wellbeing of our pets