Hamanol Cleaner

$18 USD
Stübben Hamanol is an exceptional dressing for conditioning all of your high-quality leather products. Its patented paraffin emulsion nourishes and protects leather’s fiber structure and texture. Intended for use on clean leather, Hamanol will soften and shine saddles, bridles, boots and other leather equipment, enhancing grip without feeling greasy.

Used regularly on clean leather, Hamanol will contribute to its longevity and help to ensure the highest comfort of horse and rider. Easy to use, simply squeeze a small amount of Hamanol from the tube and apply sparingly to clean leather with a small sponge or cloth. Allow it to dry and then buff to polish.

Ideally, Hamanol is recommended for use after cleaning with Stübben liquid pH-neutral saddle soap. Stübben leather care products were developed in cooperation with their tanners and are perfectly suited for Stübben leathers. Upright tube.

Made in Germany.
250 grams (8.8 ounces).

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