Wee Away

Be Gone Carpet Cleaner and Pet Stain Remover


WEE AWAYTM Be Gone is a remarkable product is a concentrated blend of enzymes and d-limonene to make it one of the most powerful stain and odor removers available. 

It is designed to quickly saturate and break down organic stains and odors caused by urine, feces, vomit, food, grass stains, mildew, coffee, tea, soda and other organic sources.  This product uses nature’s odor destroyers to naturally eliminate the source of the odor and leave your carpet smelling fresh and clean!

  • Contains Natural Active Ingredients.
  • Effectively Breaks Down Organic Stains & Odors
  • Leaves Carpet & Fabric Smelling Fresh & Clean
  • Non-Flammable

Directions for Use: 

Hold Be Gone upside down and point spray tip towards spot or stain.  Hold can at arm’s length, depress the tab on the top of the spray tip and apply in short burst until spot or stain is well saturated.  Stain or spot will be gone in seconds! For large areas or excess staining use a white cloth to help blot-up the stain.  Excessive deposits may require additional applications.  Wait until material is dry prior to reapplying.


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