Snarky Bark Pet Treats

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Snarky Bark Treats were created from our love of showing AKC Champion Great Danes in the conformation ring for over a decade.  When we started showing our Danes, our handler was always looking for “bait” that would keep our dogs constant attention in the show ring.  So many dog show handlers used soggy baked liver, string cheese, cold pieces of chicken and raw hot dogs kept in their jacket pockets or stuffed in their mouth until it was their dog’s turn to show.  In my mind, there had to be a better way! 

Our approach to making pet treats incorporates my love of preparing wholesome organic food for my two legged and four legged family.  Our meals and preparations can be found on FaceBook’s Chez Roseman.  You will find me at local farmer’s markets, specialty shops and vegetable stands procuring fresh, whole non-GMO ingredients.  We source our proteins from small businesses and farmers who support sustainable and ethical farming practices.  Our protein sources can be found in the finest farm to table restaurants and food shops.  We use our homegrown non-GMO herbs in our cookie recipes.  Our customers can be confident that their pet is enjoying a wholesome treat prepared with the finest ingredients. 

When it comes to showing our Danes, we attend AKC conformation events as mobile vendors under our sister company Deer Valley Danes, LLC supplying raw food and healthy alternative pet food and accessories for the dog show community.  We have supplied many show dogs and their handlers across the United States with safe, tasty, healthy “bait” for the ring and feeding options for those who take their dogs on the road.     

It is a true joy to create a line of treats dedicated to the welfare of pets as well as the welfare of the animals and farmers who make up our sourcing community.  We are proud to offer our top quality line of treats at shows and events as well as our website  We appreciate all of our customers feedback and if you can’t decide, our boutique company offers uncompromised personal service to assist you with finding the perfect treat for your pet. 

Cheers to good health and happy pets!